Protecting the World's Oceans

Oceana is a Canadian organization dedicated to conserving the world's oceans and restoring the abundance and biodiversity they once possessed. As one of the largest international advocacy groups in the world with a focus on ocean conservation, their work involves promoting more sustainable sources of protein, developing campaigns for breaking free of plastic and protecting marine habitat.

Naturesage takes pride in being able to deliver the benefits of Omega 3 through a process that has absolutely no negative impacts on ocean life.

But merely leaving the ocean unharmed isn't enough. We want to spark a real, planet-positive impact. And that's why we've partnered with Oceana.

There couldn't be a more fitting partner to help support our brand mission: offering high-quality products for optimal health while enriching our land and protecting our seas.

Did you know? Did you know?

Twelve seahorse species are listed as "vulnerable" by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, one step down from endangered.

If you're interested in helping us preserve the ocean, you can start by donating funds to protect our seahorses. These little creatures may be small but they're a valuable part of the planet's ecosystem - and they need our help.



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