Celebrating Earth Day with Naturesage_ How Our Sustainable Practices Help Protect the Planet

Celebrating Earth Day with Naturesage_ How Our Sustainable Practices Help Protect the Planet

Planet Earth serves as a shared home for both humans and animals. However, our actions have inflicted considerable harm on the environment, including deforestation, climate change, chemical emissions, and pollution. Therefore, it is essential to dedicate a day to appreciate and celebrate our planet.

Celebrated annually on April 22nd, Earth Day is an occasion to honor our planet and promote its protection and ecological sustainability. The event also raises awareness about the importance of environmental conservation and preservation. Since its inception in 1970, Earth Day has been embraced by over 140 countries worldwide.

Naturesage is a staunch supporter of sustainability and environmental conservation, and we proudly join hands with fellow Earth enthusiasts to mark this special day. Our core principles emphasize eco-friendliness, ensuring our products are sourced without harming the environment.

Naturesage's production processes are designed to minimize their environmental impact. Our Omega-3 supplement is derived through cold pressing, which avoids chemical processing to safeguard the environment and wildlife. Our activities consistently prioritize harmony with nature by fostering a healthy ecosystem. We employ highly controlled agronomic practices when cultivating our crops. As a testament to our dedication to a thriving and sustainable ecosystem, we have established a bee colony within our fields to promote pollination and biodiversity.

Plant-Based Omega 3

As earth lovers, Naturesage also ensures our production protects the planet and our methods are sustainable. So we use plant-based Omega 3 which is approved by the Vegan society. It's an eco-friendly alternative to Omega-3 extracted from fish which can be harmful to the ocean.  

Naturesage's Clary Sage seed oil is superior to plant-based Omega sources and has a perfect 4:1 balance of Omega 3 to Omega 6. Naturesage's Clary Sage seed oil is sourced from non-GMO varieties of Clary Sage plants to produce Pure Omega 3 supplements

Our Sustainable Production Process 

From planting to extraction, Naturesage uses only earth-friendly methods to help protect the planet. The end product is a purely extracted oil that is healthy for use. Our farm is supervised by our local Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) which is reputable as one of the leading research institutes in the industry. 

our seeds are free from pesticides and chemicals that can taint the purity and healthiness of our products. 

The extraction process is also eco-friendly. No chemical process is used as this will make the oil less pure and healthy. Our seeds are cleaned using air and gravity methods. After this, we use the first cold-press method to extract the Clary Sage seed oil rather than chemically extract them. 

This helps to preserve the quality of the natural ingredients used to produce Naturesage's Clary sage seed pure oil, capsules, and immune spray. There are no heavy metals, PCBs, or dioxins in the oil, thanks to our natural production process. Naturesage's products are also free of preservatives and added antioxidants, but they remain stable for up to two years at room temperature. 

Naturesage's Omega 3 Supplements 

Naturesage Omega-3 supplements are one of the best. They are extracted from non-GMO Clary Sage varieties, which offer a pure source of Omega 3. No chemical process is involved in extraction. But, Nature Sage uses the first cold press technique to obtain pure and uncontaminated Omega 3. 

Naturesage Omega 3 supplements are plant-based, vegan Omega 3 supplements. These pure and additive-free supplements support healthy inflammatory responses and are healthy dietary supplements. 

Naturesage Clary Sage Seed Oil 

Naturesage Clary sage seed oils are a liquid source of Omega 3, 6, and 9. They are produced from Clary Sage plants grown under highly regulated and strict agronomic practices to prevent diseases and contamination. The farming and production methods are earth-friendly and Naturesage's first cold-press extraction technique ensures our essential oils are of pure high quality, retaining their natural nutrients. There are several Clary sage essential oil uses which include relieving stress and anxiety. It also helps you relax and feel calmer. The oil is also helpful for women as it can support hormonal balance. 


Naturesage believes in sustainability and environmental preservation, which is why we use earth-friendly methods to extract oil. We opt for sustainable resources like plant-based Omega 3 sources rather than fish-based supplements. 

Naturesage's strict agronomic practices and high-quality extraction techniques give us the finest products and provide our customers with the best Omega 3 supplements. We deliver authentic seed oils and supplements that contain Vitamin E ,polyphenols, phytosterols and are free from additives and harmful chemicals. 

Naturesage's products are what you need for your health and well-being. If you wish to enjoy the benefits of Naturesage's supplements, you can visit our website today to place your orders.