Our Story

Our pure Omega 3 oil is backed by two decades of scientific research and pioneering techniques for perfecting the extraction of Naturesage’s pure Clary Sage Seed Oil. Twenty years ago, after screening 2,000 different plants, a group of leading scientists struck gold.

What was only available in Israel is now being unveiled in North America where there is a high demand for Omega 3 supplements.

A rare, naturally-occurring chemical structure found only in Clary Sage Seed Oil, which no other source of Omega 3 supplements can claim today. Providing the perfect balance of Omega 3, 6, and 9, along with natural vitamin E, polyphenols and sterols. It’s also the most potent and efficient source of Omega 3 on the market and lasts for over two years, at ambient temperatures without any antioxidants or additives.

We have absolutely no negative impact on the environment - our fields are part of the natural ecosystem and have even helped cultivate a bee community.

Naturesage is a pure “field-to-wellness” Omega 3 supplement, cold-pressed directly at the source with naturally occurring antioxidants and no chemical processing.

Our farm

Under the supervision of our local Agricultural Research Organization (ARO), a leading research institute in the industry, our farmers plant, nurture and harvest the Clary Sage plants under the most highly controlled and strictest agronomic practices to ensure proper growth within the absence of disease and contaminants.

Our ecologically friendly extraction of pure oil actively protects the environment and wildlife.

Our process

Our pioneering methods have absolutely no negative impact on the environment— our aim is always to do our part to keep the ecosystem healthy and balanced while producing pure and potent Omega 3 oil with a nice, earthy flavor.

Our fields work in harmony with the natural ecosystem and the crops are cultivated under highly controlled agronomic practices.

Clary Sage Seed Oil is extracted using the first cold press techniques to preserve the highest quality and purity of the natural and original nutrients. It is used to produce Naturesage’s Pure Oil, Capsules, and Immune Spray.

This method creates a potent, earthy-tasting Omega 3 oil. Our state of the art cold press extraction method produces an oil that’s healthier for you and healthier for the planet. Even our bee colonies approve!



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